Headshot Editing

Most preferable editing service used for actors, models, photography studios, photography agents and the likes. Facial cleanups such as removal of wrinkles, unwanted blemishes, scars, freckles, teeth whitening, and more. Removing or replacing backgrounds can also be done to make the photo more appealing.

Avoiding to make the subject looking like a plastic mannequin, headshot photo post process must still retain the skin's natural look, in short, the subject must still look human, with the skin pores still somewhat visible. 


Even the perfect models for your photos have their own imperfections that needs to be retouched. Veins need to be subtle, freckles, moles, loose hairs need to be subdued in order not to attract too much attention. Make that photo ready for magazines, promotional ads and the likes. 

Many photo retouchers overdo the photo editing and make the mistake of making the skin look unnatural, over smoothing the skin and make the subject or model look like a plastic doll. We here at The Photo Dudes take extra care in retaining the natural look of the skin, one of our main task is to make the subject more beautiful naturally.